The Federal Reserve and Bank for International Settlements TALF Act

TALF Term Asset-Backed Loan Facility Program:   

    The concept is to modify loans to families to generate income by purchasing long term treasury bonds held to maturity or similar to this.  A loan large enough to generate any family size to be at or above the poverty line. Such as the 30year bond at around 3% interest a year.  Just trying to get us a piece of the pie before it’s gone.

For Example:

United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) figures for poverty in 2013[17] Persons in
Family Unit     48 Contiguous States
and D.C.            Alaska               Hawaii
1     $11,490     $14,350     $13,230
2     $15,510     $19,380     $17,850
3     $19,530     $24,410     $22,470
4     $23,550     $29,440     $27,090
5     $27,570     $34,470     $31,710
6     $31,590     $39,500     $36,330
7     $35,610     $44,530     $40,950
8     $39,630     $49,560     $45,570
Each additional
person adds     $4,020     $5,030     $4,620
there’s a list of grievance a 100 miles long there’s a code of silence and it can’t go on

Please sign and share at  and at The Federal Reserve TALF Act of 2014  and at  and at  and at  and at
. For The BIS and Fed Reserve TALF Act the more petitions the better 

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