America the offical country of the Walking Dead

Going back 150 years or so the modern monetary establishment was formed.  Big players like the the Lord Alfred Milner Group and the Cecil Rhodes Foundation came together with other financial powers to form the Royal Institute for International Affairs.  To gain power they came up with the idea of forming many foundations, institutions, and NGO’s and NGE’s.  To lobby governments across the planet.  Then bought the best minds in the world to form think tanks to advise governments on policies and laws to vote and promote to alter societies and cultures.  This has led to a false reality of freedom and liberty.  Of course the mainstream media has also been formed to alter, and convince people of certain opinions and conclusions.  To me it really started rolling with the Corporation Act of 1871.  Which made the District of Columbia a 10 by 10 square mile area to be owned and run by large international corporations and banks.   Then later RIIA and Mandel House held the the republic hostage and cornered it into the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.  The main reason was to fund wars and get grants to develop science and technology to control the reality of what is today.  The lie of the Fed Act was to stabilize the monetary policy of the country, but was really to have full control of it to crash or make it thrive when ever they wished to.  So then we see the big crash of 1929 the reason to make a more centralized government and to create a nest egg for the future for them to dip into later in the building of the world infrastructure free trade system the New Deal throwing out the constitution.  This did create many jobs setting up camps for railroad building and other projects in the 30’s.  Then also the British RIIA came to America to form their American counterpart the Council on Foreign Relations.  The main reason was to pass the torch to America to police the world under the guise of democracy and freedom for the world.  The depression or recession lingered on until the knowingly and deliberate act of allowing the attack on Pearl Harbor  a false flag attack by a foreign country allowed by the American power Establishment.   This would cause the destruction of Europe and the mass flux of woman into the work force leading into the Feminist movement.  So, since America was the only first world nation standing they made and manufactured for the world economy making a select group of ancient families that much more wealthier.  Then came the age of mass media owned and run privately giving the people a distorted view of the world and need to want and buy things to fit the image of what they saw on TV.  This has allowed the mass alteration of culture and views of humanity.  It has gradually made the gaps between generations greater and greater in the advent of sex, drugs and rock’n roll then R&B, hard rock, metal and gangster rap.  Then to couple it with the sexual revolution and a flood of drugs into society to give the illusion that I’m free to use drugs and have sex with anyone and ignore the cons of such behavior leading to the destruction of the old culture of traditional families.  To the point where teenagers with little earning power and education to try to raise families and go along with and comply to a culture they have not created but thinking this is just natural evolution.


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