We need a new kind of actions


Occupy started marvellous. Unexpectedly thousands of squares in the whole world were occupied and the target was clear, the greedy rich, the financial centres, the people who caused the crisis. There are still many actions in the political field but Occupy can only distinguish itself as a new force with an exclusive target (the 1%) that nobody has on its agenda.

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What if Mossad and the CIA funded Wikileaks? And why are Anonymous kissing Julian Assanges butt?

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What if Mossad and the CIA funded Wikileaks? And why are Anonymous kissing Julian Assanges butt?

What if Mossad and the CIA funded Wikileaks?
In a world of counter intelligence, misinformation, and disinformation, shouldn’t we be questioning every news source?
So what about whilstle blower site Wikileaks? It’s already been suggested by several sources that Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange , allegedly has financial ties to Israeli intelligence agency Mossad.


What if Wikileaks is another false flag propaganda machine? It wouldn’t be the first time that a “news agency” was set up to spread disinformation, there are numerous cases over the years including some famous ones during World War 2.
Julian Assange continues to play the Anonymous trump card, summoning the collective powers of Anonymous in a Police-Commissioner-Gordon-to-Batman stylee everytime he needs to give himself credibility amongst those with an anti-government/establishment stance. Anonymous are nobodies personal army, so why are so many Anon blindly following Assange without questioning his motives?
So many question…

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A Movement needs success but what is success?


Movements thrive on a long series of small successes. Most Movements or actions hardly have any success. Successful examples were the Women’s Liberation Movement and the Squatters Movement. Women got a better place in society and young people a place to live. All successes remained inside the possibilities of the present society, there were no revolutionary goals. Occupy started with some revolutionary ideas (Occupy the Financial Centres) but soon these goals were replaced by small political demands. By lack of successes Occupy withered away. 
“Where are the successes of the Movement?”   http://downwithelite.wordpress.com/2012/06/02/where-are-the-successes-of-the-movement/

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