BOMBSHELL DISCOVERY LAST DAY OF 2012: U.S. War Department Authenticates “The Protocols of Learned Elders of Zion” in 1919!!!

Pragmatic Witness

From LindsayNarrations:


Ladies and gentlemen, this is the one that you have to see…OR HEAR…to believe.  The United States government itself did an investigation into the validity of the elite Jewish-conspiracy to take-over the world, and their findings corroborated-greatly what was found in The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion!!!

I know that this may be difficult for many of you to believe, and that is precisely why I have narrated this nugget-of-gold for the world to hear, and have provided the document itself for all to verify.

It was compiled in August 1919 and given “SECRET” classification until 1973.

This TRULY has to be seen/heard to be believed.

Lindsey Narrates U S Government Document Asserting zionist Conspiracy The Power and Aims of International jewry

For those of you who want the written-copy, it can be found here:  The Power and Aims of International jewry


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