Elite Talmudic Judaism Is A Genocidal, Racist, And Satanic Cult.

A Better World: Graeme Bird For High Office

It ought not be doubted that Hitler was a Talmudic Jew. Loyal, Bahmitzvahed,  and Circumcised.  When Max Warburg gave him access to, the equivalent of,  100 million in todays dollars, this implies a secret plan to diminish Germany (amongst other goals) slaughter Germans with great relish, and bring the dynamism of the German population down to such a low ebb,  that Jews no longer needed to feel inferior to them.

It implies all this and more, because if you like the general goals of an organisation you contribute TO THE ORGANISATION.  If you like what one person has to say you might contribute 100,000 dollars to them.  The contribution of 100 million to the one man implies an iron clad secret plot. It implies a subservient relationship between the banker and the frontman. It implies the sort of trust a Jew like Max Warburg WOULDN’T EXTEND TO A GENTILE IN THE…

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