We need new anti-speciesist imagery

Species and Class

By Jon Hochschartner

I’d like to talk a little bit about the symbolism and imagery the animalist movement and its socialist and anarchist subsets use to represent themselves. Specifically, I’d like to examine the paw-and-fist design and the employment of green as an emblematic color, both of which I find lacking.

Some may view this discussion as a little superficial. And to a degree, they’d be right. I believe there’s a term in the radio business for when a host stalls for whatever time is needed on a live show with her own off-the-cuff filler. Maybe it’s just called ad-libbing. I don’t know. But anyway, I’m kind of doing that right now, as we haven’t had as many contributions lately as we might like.

But I also genuinely believe this kind of symbolism and imagery is important. If it wasn’t, capitalists wouldn’t spend billions of dollars a year on advertising…

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